We took a cab to Java Leaf unsure of how much we might end up drinking. I could not find anyone at what looked like an entrance and wondered if it was closed. Unlike me, Apoorva did not hesitate and pushed open the little door that led us into a seemingly big and very crowded courtyard. My first thought was WOW! One simply cannot guess this commotion from outside. For a moment I actually thought we walked into a private party. At first glance, it looked like it was one big group of people indulging in different activities. We stood there at the entrance for a moment, taking in the place and tuning into its vibe when I realized there were no tables available. The manager approached us with an apologetic smile and led us to the bar. He asked us to wait till a table becomes available. I was very hungry but there was no way I was ready to leave this place just yet. I asked for Sangria and Apoorva ordered herself a Cosmo. I was not keen on drinking and defiantly not on an empty stomach so I held on to my drink as I started assessing the place. The bar was at the very end of the courtyard, on the opposite side of the entrance. To my right, there was an indoor seating area that I had completely overlooked. The courtyard was too crowded for anyone to notice the floor-to-ceiling glass-walled seating area; it had its little bar too. There was karaoke going on inside. I looked around and spotted a large group of people gathered around an ongoing foosball game. I noticed people in groups of 2&3 were also playing board games at their respective tables. I could hear “I want to hold your hand” by The Beatles over the crowd. I hope to get a table outside, under the sun; it was a lot more appealing to me. Everything under the sun looked brighter. As my eyes wandered around I saw some people painting in one corner and it looked like the activity was open for all; there was an unoccupied aisle set with an empty canvas. Even before the food arrived, I was impressed with this place.
It took us close to 20 min to finally get a table but I knew I couldn’t complain as soon as I placed that first bite of Pitacos in my mouth; the combination of Pita bread and Tacos I had never imagined. So far we have had Focaccia Pizza, Creamy Broccoli Kebabs, a good portion of mezze platter that consisted of avocado hummus, corn salad, and pita triangles. I am only on my second glass of Sangria and do not wish to drink more. I am just gulping enough to take in the cheesy flavors I am indulging in. I am staring down at the just arrived platter of Bruschetta, Croquetas, and Sigara and contemplating if I should give the burger a try or not; it is mentioned as one of their must-haves. I am full but I am greedy, I only hope no one noticed our hoggishness.

Apoorva and I are playing scrabble as we continue eating. Well, I am playing and she is trying if you ask me. She is not much of a words person anyway but it was one of the few games that were still available that two can play. I wish to experience this place again with a big group. I will make sure to suggest this place to my team members and see if we all can come together someday. I have pretty good colleagues, I like them and we do have rare weekend plans.

I decided to order a burger after striking a deal with Apoorva to share with me. Apoorva was fumbling with the letter R and placed it in front of ACE when I smiled and gave her the look that said, “You suck at this.” Before I could place my last letter G on the double score word tile ahead of RACE someone tugged at my right arm from behind. Little annoyed, I turned around to see who is it. As I looked up, my brain did a double take on registering the person in question.

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