How do you feel when the one you love is sitting in front of you??

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    There are many possibilities..


  •       when love is two sided and both are already in a relationship then it all depends on there mood, time and situation :), but if it’s a starting of a new relationship then both will be nervous and shy. 😉


  • when love is one sided

*       If the person you love is your best friend/close friend then you will watch them continuously if he/she is not looking at you and guess what he/she will do or say. And when your guesses will come true, which comes true in 90% situations, you’ll be at cloud nine and think that no one in the whole world can understand him/her better than you. You know the best thing about falling in love with your best friend is that you are comfortable with them because you already know each other inside out. 🙂

*      If that person is your colleague or so called friend, you will notice every single thing about him/her, what makes them happy, what makes them sad, who can hurt them, there likes and dislikes everything and compare your self with them to see the chances of you to be a couple 😉 . And suddenly you’ll feel uncomfortable because you’ll think if they noticed you doing something they don’t like then.. but still you tries to keep that fake smile on your face.

*      Generally people don’t fall in love at first sight but it happens in some rare cases, in this situation you will think of there personal life and wish to meet them again and again so that you can be friends and know each other well. It’s crazy but there are many cases in world who fall in love at first sight and still work outs.



Sometimes it also happens that you have said about your feeling to the one and got rejected or broke up ,and if  he/she is sitting in front of you..

In such cases person thinks why it didn’t worked out, times before you told them about your feelings or  times before your break up and wish that one day they will fall in love with you but after a time period, we realize that we have moved on and now they have no effect on us. But it takes a long time.


Falling in love with your best friend is the best idea.. it’s the most powerful relationship and it actually works out. So go and fall in love with your best friend condition applied *(if you and your best friend both are single). 😉

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