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I have seen people who are afraid of taking risk, but in actuality they are scared about what would be their future if they followed their heart. Does anyone of us know about our future?? No, nahh?! Then what’s the matter of getting tensed about something which is a black box to us. You, answer me something “what should be our age to follow our heart??”

Today I suddenly realized that this is the only time that we have to do whatsoever we want to. People like us can’t follow our heart because of the society rules, but my friends, I think some rules are made to be broken. You know your limits, and you have to have self control too. We were not mature enough in our childhood, we were restricted by our parents in teenage because they know that some of the biggest mistakes happens in teenage as the lake of maturity and daze of influences (so called love). Then comes our time, world call us youngster. The one who have the power to make change within themselves and in world too. After this bunch of responsibilities comes and life ends up by living for others, and last comes old age. At that time we may have enough power and maturity but the strength is missing.

If you never want to regret that you haven’t done anything that you ever wanted. Do it now!! I read it in some book , “They say one day our life will flash before our eyes. Make it worth watching.” 🙂


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