Life is tough when some unsorted ends are there….

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Life always gives surprises, it can be a small or big, good or bad.. but always unexpected. Still life goes on. we think life is beautiful when we are happy and a curse when we are sad, same way we think that things or people we left in past are no more affecting  our lives but at one point of time, we become sad because of that thing/person. We think we are happy because we have moved on but it is not like that, actually we are habituated to live without that thing/person. But when the flow of pain overcomes our petitions, it makes us cry. Such thing happens only when some unexpected incidents changed our life. It is something we haven’t expected to happen with us. It have to have a proper ends. If it had, it can’t affect after a certain time period.


So, try to have a proper end to things or relations only if necessary. 🙂

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