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When our life is messed up we complain, that it’s unfair and why me and all.. Same way when our life goes boring, we complain that there’s no excitement and fun at all. We want everything to happen our own way. Life is all about these questions ‘where we are..?’, ‘where we want to be..?’, people around us, ‘how they feel about us..?’, ’are they important..?‘, ‘am I important to them..?’, ‘am I good or bad..?’. We ask these questions to ourselves but ignore it as if we don’t care but some how we care. We can become selfish and don’t care about others, but this will make a person alone and no one likes to be alone for a longer period of time. I know sometimes it’s good to be alone but we can’t afford to be alone whole the time because we are human beings and we always want few people who encourage us, listen to us, care for us, compliment us, share sorrows and happiness with us, expect from us… You can’t be happy when you are all alone. We don’t want our life to be simple, we always want some excitement.

Life is all about overlapping of feelings, emotions, expectations and reality. And we can’t ignore any of them. If we do, it will come back with a bang or possibly as a blast too. Because it is the nature of life that it never gives anything in small packages whether it is good or bad. It is complicated because we want others to understand us, when actually even we don’t know what we want or who we are!

Madam Stephanie Perkins said “The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.” And it’s the most complicated thing I guess!


Don’t be selfish, think about others too. You’ll be happier than you are today! 🙂


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