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It’s more than a year now that I have written anything here. Well, let’s just say that every time I tried to write down something, I stuck up with some unanswered questions of my own. Every time, I got confused about what exactly am I supposed to write? I used to write things by understanding, situations and emotions of people around me but now that’s just not happening to me. No, it’s not that I don’t understand it anymore, I do! But I don’t find the right words that justify it when i try to write it down. I guess things are changing, may be for good! 🙂

So, I have been insomniac many times before, but today I’m thankful that I finally thought of writing back here. 🙂


I have been confused about almost everything all my life! What?! Don’t laugh at my usage of words “all my life”. I have led a life of 19 years now, which wasn’t that normal comparatively. So the point is I have been confused about things, I’m still confused. And I guess that’s what makes my life, a little more interesting! Think about it, when you know all your answers, life will not fascinate you anymore. Life is all about going through thick and thin to find out something or anything that gives meaning to you and your existence. May be you’ll not get all your answers, but it’s always worth trying.. it may lead to other interesting questions! 😀

I have read something like “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself” but tell me something, how the hell will you be something?!, if you’ll not answer the question what you want yourself to be! The way of creating yourself goes through answering a lot of questions, about yourself, to yourself.

Suddenly, it leads me to a stupid question. I read it somewhere on social networking site few days back.

Here it is:






The question may look stupid but think about it, it’s not stupid at all!


P.S :

I’m still confused 😉

I know i’m missing out something!




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