I’m 21; I have been away from my parents almost whole my teenage. I have experienced life in a little different way then others did or at least that’s what I think to justify my weirdness.

Few days back, I saw a post on my Facebook timeline stating something like, “ If I see a person smoking, I loose respect for that person”. Many of you would agree to that post but some of you won’t. I’m one of those who won’t. What struck me hard is that there are people who judge you just by the cigarette you are holding. I mean that is so little of you; sometimes it is not you at all.

I know, People will judge you no matter what and you should not be affected by it but sometimes, just sometimes there are things that should be changed. I hate the part when people are judged from a distance, as if it wasn’t enough to height and weight that now we are labeling people with what they choose to be seen with.

smoking-womenI know a lot of people who smokes, close ones too. I never had a problem with people smoking but I distance myself when they do because I get this terrible headache due to smoke or the smell whatever that is; Few years back when I was still in my teenage, I had these urge to smoke. At least ones just to know how it feels and what is there in that little packet that people are so addicted to. Not a single person on earth, who smokes, is unaware of the consequences of smoking but still they do. I was fascinated by the idea of how it feels. So, I asked my Chuddy-Buddies who were regular smokers back then to let me try. Obviously, They did not agreed in the first place but I know how to make things work for me. I made them say yes, Promising it will only be ones.

One fine day, we drove out of the city just so that no one catches me while I’m trying my first ever cigarette, last too!! I have bad memory but I still remember every single detail of that part of the day. I don’t remember what else we did but I know who was driving, who got down to get the packet, what were their preferences, What were the instructions given to me, what else was taken for the later part, EVERYTHING! I remember when the car finally stopped, I was so nervous like I was going for my first job interview. Everybody got down and I was still sitting, I opened the door but never got down. They lit their cigarettes and started smoking, no one really offered me and I did not ask.

Yes, never have I ever tried a cigarette. After that day, I never felt the desire to try it either. I still have all those questions; what is there in that little thing that kills people and still they want it so bad. I don’t understand how that thing works but what I do know is that some of the really good people I know in life are addicted to it and it is not all they are. You and I don’t smoke and that doesn’t make us great. Likewise, That little thing called cigarette doesn’t make them any worse. So, Stop judging!!

Those who want to share how it feels to smoke and how they started or stopped or anything that relates, please comment. I’ll be happy to find my answers!

PS: I’m not promoting or supporting any smoker. I do hate it when people do it on my face, Keep your distance. Passive smoking kills too!!


  1. Parth

    First of all nice article. Well done..!
    Its like more like confection rather then a comment…
    Like you and many other people around the world, I was also wondering that how a small 3 inch of smokey stick can make some one so addicted to it..
    Like u nd most of the curious teens I also decided to try it and check how it feels nd belive me at 1st it was horrible I tried it one more tym nd I keep on trying few more time BT I didn’t got addiction, yes some I smoke when one of my close friends who is strongly addicted to it offer me and we are far away from home bt its like still I want to knw what is there, that makes it so addictive to others ..
    I also against smoking and dnt promote smoking…

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