Lots of people are asking me how I managed to loose weight.   Honestly, I don’t know how to answer that question.  I mean, I don’t think I’m the right person to answer that question because I know, I still have a long way to go. However, I will try to answer it with best of my understanding.

First of all… No, I don’t do those fancy salads/ green tea diets. I do something that is homely and regular to follow. It is no secret that I love my food. I eat everything I want to, but just at the right time and in right portions. I don’t know what people mean by diet because I enjoy my diet. What one needs to understand is that dieting is not dying in hunger. It has to be first understood and then followed.

Here, I will share what worked for me.


4 important things to look at, when trying to loose weight:


  1. Water:

I have realized, Water is the most underrated thing. I mean, we all have studied how our bodies are made of water and all… but what does it mean? I remember a friend of mine telling me about how water can cure almost all the diseases. I did not believe him then but now I do. Why I am telling you this is because major part of my diet is water.

I drink lot of water, a lot!! I start my day with Hot water, fresh ginger juice + lemon juice + honey. Why? It cleans our intestine; Which is very very important. Whatever we eat is absorbed through intestine and if its not clean enough, diet will be meaningless.  So, water is must. I used to drink 8 ltrs a day. Even today, I manage around 5 ltrs. How do I manage? Well, I don’t go for glasses because that’s tiring. I have this 1 bottle with me all the time.

Often, most of us don’t realize that we are thirsty and not hungry! Maybe because the cravings are almost similar. Next time you feel hungry, try having water first. Also, make it a habit of drinking water 15-20 mins before and 40-45 mins after your lunch and dinner.

Drink enough water before sleeping but not so much that you have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

REPEAT! (Make sure you don’t drink more than 1 ltr in an hour as it affects on our liver.)


  1. Food:

I try to eat within an hour of waking up. I try not to miss my breakfast. Even if I don’t have the time, I eat something, anything. I eat something every other hour. Yepp! Be happy because my diet is all about eating but just in the right portions.

If I count, I eat around 6 times a day.  

Starting with breakfast at 8, followed by dry-fruits (cashew, almonds & Walnut)/dates (3-4) around 10.30(dry-fruits because, it’s filling and low on calories, dates because it’s good source of iron and energy. Also, it helps with sweet tooth) Lunch around 1 (Not full plate, little lesser then the usual) snacks around 4 (any dry nastta is fine.) followed by fruit at 6 and dinner around 7.30. I try not to eat anything in 2 hours to sleep. (Why?! You sleep better when there’s no bowl movement going on inside)

What I have understood is, a normal human body requires around 1000 calories a day. Calorie deficit is another key. Normally people take 2000-2500 calories a day. Try to minimize it, but not less then 1000. It has reverse effects otherwise. Remember, One can eat everything they want. I can’t live without pizzas, maggie… I eat it regularly. FYI, Rice and potatoes are part of my everyday meal.

Also, Make sure you eat lot of fiber during your lunch and nothing fancy for dinner (Khichdi or daal chawal maybe).

Do not forget to add 1 spoonful of ghee in your lunch and dinner. If you are fussy and don’t like ghee, replace oil with ghee. You won’t know the difference.


  1. Sleep:

My favorite, Sleeping!! I try to sleep 8 hours every night or at least 5 days/week. When you sleep better, your body functions better. You feel fresh, Your mood uplifts, You feel better. That’s it, no other explanation. (Stop with all the late night apps! It’s not helping anyway.)


  1. Exercise:

Nope. I’m not asking you to go to gym.  That won’t happen when you try to follow this calorie controlled diet but it is said that one should walk/jog around 3-5kms a day. Which is around 20mins of jogging everyday, anytime when you can manage but i would still suggest mornings.  Walking is good for bowl movement, which is basically digestion process. However, I personally enjoy cycling so I prefer 30/45 mins of cycling to walking/jogging. Exercise basically helps in boosting your metabolism.

The equation is simple: The higher your metabolism rate and lower your calorie intake, the better your weight loss.

(If possible, go out and get some sunshine every once in a while. Low vitamin D causes many issues and it’s very important for overall weight loss journey too.)



When do i eat pizza? If you eat right for the week, 1 cheat meal is must. Not only it will give you the satisfaction. It will make your digestion system work little hard. Which means more calories will burn. It’s a win-win. Do read that it’s a cheat meal and not a cheat day. Cheat meals are more effective. There are chances you’ll gain weight in name of cheat day.

I hope I was helpful here. Ask me in case of doubt!!


PS: The only thing I quit – Cold Drinks! (I sometimes have that too. You know, Pizzahut’s pizza and pepsi 😛 )

PPS: Consistency is the key! You’ll not get results overnight. It will take at least 2 months for your body to adjust.



    1. Himal

      Thank you!!

      Sure why not!

      Just make sure you eat it in the first half of the day. Lets say not after 4.
      However, If you still have ice cream during night just have a glass of warm water after it.


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