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While having breakfast this morning, my brother asked me how my writing thing is going on? Well, honestly I wanted to tell him that it isn’t going that good but I chose not to. I have been trying to write this beautiful piece since last 4 days and somehow I’m not able to complete it. Every time I start, I get stuck in between with this feeling that something is missing. So, I went ahead and told him that I have issues with my typing speed. Duh, I have been using computers on daily basis since 2nd.  That was a lame excuse but no, really my typing speed is not as good as my thinking. There are times when I feel the urge to write, to spit out. I literally have diaries, notebooks, small notes, email drafts and even tissue papers kept-in with my emotions written on it. It is in those few minutes when I find nirvana! But what a shame, whenever I type it down, I feel I’m missing out on something. I feel, the message I’m trying to convey will be misunderstood.


To rescue myself from the situation, I have decided to write my blog regularly. I won’t say everyday because apparently now I’m home all day. so, I won’t have a new story to tell everyday.


Comment in the section below if you think I should try my hands on something specific for my regular blog. Suggestions please!


Thanks for reading! 🙂

PS: How’s the new name, logo and theme?? I’m still working on it!!


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