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Honestly, the “Suggestions Please!” post was not much of a help. I did not receive as many suggestions as I expected. Duhh! I should have guessed it. :/ Anyway, Thanks to each and everyone of you who took the time out of reading and suggesting! 🙂

Nevertheless, I have decided what I’ll be writing. I have narrowed down to 3 topics from the number of suggestions I have got.

  • The Baking Adventure: My best friend had suggested me this one long back. As I’m very fond of cooking and like to try different recipes every now and then; She had suggested me to commit to a number of recipes that should be cooked in certain time period. More like Julie & Julia – The movie. For those who don’t know about the movie, It’s a real life story of 2 women bound by 1 same passion, Cooking! It’s one beautiful movie where Julie who’s frustrated with her job, aims to do something she enjoys hence she decides to cook all 500+ recipes by Julia in just one year’s time. The movie is one of it’s kind with brilliant performance by THE Meryl Streep & Amy Adams.

Well, I am no Julie!! I’m Me… So, I have planned on joining a bakery course soon. As I have always found baking fascinating, I will blog post about all the new recipes and my experiences with baking as a brand new adventure. I think, It should be fun because I have no basic knowledge of baking.

Let’s see how it goes… and Hope for the best!!

  • The Feelings: The suggestions for this one came from number of people including my mum. She too wants me to write how I feel. Especially now that she understands that it’s not like I have choice over what goes through me. I am blessed and cursed with the intensity. I think I’m good at understanding human emotions. Maybe because even though I see my world in black and white, I seek colors for emotions.

I promise, I will write how I feel as and when a feeling overwhelms me!

  • The Story: Someone I barely know has suggested me to write a love story; more like a love triangle but honestly, I find it very depressing. I liked the idea of a story though.

Well, there are dozens of stories written in my diaries and due to various reasons I don’t let others read it. Mostly because I’m one under confident women and besides, I’m too lazy to type it down. However, I have decided to tell you all the story that is closest to my heart, the one I have lived number of times while writing it. The one I call “The Boy Next To Me!” As corny as it sounds, I have my reasons of naming it.

So, It’s decided, I’ll be posting 1 chapter biweekly – Starting this Saturday the 7th!

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Do come back again for the upcomings!!


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