FRIEND is someone I can’t describe… still for some specials I’ll try!

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Life is just perfect with friends, we have many friends.. Some of them are selected by us, Some selects us, and some are selected by the destiny for us. 🙂 Whatsoever it is, after all FRIENDS are FRIENDS!

I read it somewhere before, “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves” damn true, they are our family..

Good friends are the one who supports us no matter what we are doing, they are someone we can trust and we don’t need to judge them.

Friends are the ones who make us feel best in our worst, they stick to us when we tell them to leave us alone, just because they know what actually our heart wants…

friend is someone we can share anything with, anything a heartthrob, new crush, relationship problems, breakups, study matters(examz time only :D)!

we can laugh out loudly without any reasons when we are with friends.. because we don’t care what the damn world think about us. Even when we are stupid there are best friends to support our stupidity too..

Friends are the one who overcomes all the limitations to be with us when we need them.

May be they don’t have the power to cure our problems but definitely they have the magic which realizes us that we are not alone ever.

Defiantly we all have at least one irritating friend too.. but think on it.. If you didn’t had them you have missed many chances to laugh.. And believe me those who irritates you are the one with whom you can talk with when you have fought with your best ones.. They may not respond anything but they would listen to what you say.. and we always want a friend who listen to us. 🙂much more to describe.. but I can’t.

I love my friends. 🙂

Enjoy life at its fullest because you have friends!



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